Become digital. Be our merchant.

Today, it has become essential for any business to accept debit and credit cards to sell products and services. With RBI making the charge (MDR) zero for debit card transactions below Rs. 2000/-, it is the right time to go digital. It is the right time to get a mPOS machine in your shop.

Our mPOS device accepts all debit and credit cards and runs on a SIM card, WIFI or via Bluetooth. Credit card acceptance will increase your business as customers get credit for a month along with EMI benefits. He can convert a costly purchase into monthly payments as is provided by the credit card issuer bank.

The device also helps in the withdrawal of cash like a mini ATM. You can give cash back to the customer over and above the purchase amount if the customer wants cash, earning a decent commission from it. It accepts all major debit cards.

Other benefits:

  • It is a portable device that can be carried in the pocket. Enough battery to do 300 card swipes.
  • It can be connected to any bank account of any bank
  • It gives SMS receipts of the purchase to the customers reducing the use of paper
  • It comes with an Android application to monitor all transactions and cash@POS income

Download the fact sheet to know more about the device.

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